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But we’re not ones to brag. Instead, we like to let our customers do the talking.

Chris Savage, CEOFullStory is magic. It gives us a level of insight that we can't get anywhere else. It's absolutely invaluable.Wistia
Jeremy LavittFullStory pays for itself in spades. Every answer we get on what's happening with the checkout funnel is real money.B&H Photo Video
@ChairmanHuI watch @fullstory more than I watch TV.29 Jan 2017
Seamus JamesOperating an e-commerce website without using a tool like FullStory is like running a brick-and-mortar store with the lights off.Betabrand
Kevin Gibbs, Head of Eng.I can't remember the last time I actually muttered under my breath, "Oh sh*t... this is amazing," when using a piece of software.Quip
@jlaurenswanson@fullstory I can't remember the last time I enjoyed using a software tool this much!4 Aug 2016@johnwright79If you run a website then I highly recommend @fullstory I signed up an hour ago and already my mind is blown. This is amazing!2 Aug 2016
James Doman-PipeIt's been a massive timesaver. With FullStory, we can move at 4x the speed we used to.Kayako
@KevinMandevilleI can't reiterate how valuable @fullstory is for *every* area of co - support, product, eng - amazing to see everyone use in diff ways20 Oct 2015@nainig@fullstory Your instant feedback just shortened my iterations by weeks! Where have you been all my product building life!! :)1 Aug 2015@katzboaz @fullstory it is not us that need to thank you. It is our customers. We are learning things that no other analytical service could provide12 Jun 2015

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