Understand your customers like never before with FullStory

Make users happier by going beyond analytics to actionable insights.

Rewind your customer sessions like a DVR…

Play back what happened and gain empathy for your users in a way that charts and graphs could never provide. Don't rely on what users say they do; see real user behavior in the wild. It doesn't get any simpler to gain quick usability insights on that hot new feature you launched. Just press play.

…or co-browse in real time
with Go Live.

Troubleshoot customer issues or conduct trainings in-the-moment without missing a beat. FullStory isn’t just a time machine for past interactions. Go Live to co-browse with your users as they navigate your site in real time, without the need to download any plugins or extras.

Every single event...

FullStory captures every click, scroll, page transition, and more. Yes, even those custom interactions on your fancy-pants single-page web app. But beyond simply capturing the events, FullStory puts user actions in context, letting you see how a user got to that point and where they went next.

...plus everything under the hood

Travel back in time to the exact moment your user encountered a bug with FullStory’s powerful console recording feature. The console button changes color to alert you to messages, warnings, or errors during a session. Never painstakingly try to recreate a bug again: relive the experience exactly as it happened in your customer's browser.

Search your data like you search the Web

Your time is important, but so is getting the right information. With FullStory’s lightning-fast omnibox search, you can have both. Find customers, identify rage clicks, summon page analytics, build funnels, and more with just a few keystrokes.

Know your users deeply with flexible, shareable customer segments

Tracking new feature engagement, analyzing campaign conversion rates, proactively searching for at-risk customers: in the past, each of these activities required its own system. With FullStory Segments, you can build any of these groups with ease, based on who the customer is or what they do.

Segments are also shared across your team, ensuring your entire organization has access to powerful insights about your customers.

Extend segments with custom data.

Use the FullStory JavaScript API to blend your own application-specific data into the user sessions that FullStory records.

Answers, before you ask.

Beautiful, insightful Searchies allow you to fluidly move between aggregate data and the individuals that comprise it. FullStory intelligently determines which questions you’ll want to ask of a search or segment and presents the answers in the most visually intuitive way: with a funnel, line graph, bar chart, and more.

Never miss a Magic Moment

FullStory intelligently surfaces those moments in your recorded sessions that, though painful to watch, teach you something insightful about your user’s experience with your product. Rage, Error, and Dead Clicks magically bring different aspects of a faulty UI to light – and show you how to improve.

Share notes

Leave a comment on an insightful moment to revisit later or share with your team. Just like placing a sticky note in a book, you can jump back into the action right where you left it. Your note automatically appears when another member of your team watches the same session. Now usability is an open book.

FullStory gives us unparalleled insight into what exactly our users are doing and how they're interacting with our product. It's also so dead simple that anybody on the team can pick it up and get value in seconds. Everybody in every role can extract some take-away when they're curious about something from the customer's eyes: engineers, support, product managers, execs. Pretty much everyone.

Matt Bilotti, Hubspot

And it integrates

Imagine if every support ticket from your users had a link to the session where things went awry. With FullStory, that kind of support integration comes baked in. As a result, you can literally watch where things went off the rails, saving your support team a ton of time (and making them a lot happier in the process). Integration is easy.

Installs in seconds

One site change. That's it. FullStory records all user actions in your app; say goodbye to the days of manually tagging the specific events you want to understand. Asking a new question doesn't require you to wait for new data to trickle in. Understanding your users has never been faster or easier.